Wage Management System is based on work grades, market level, wage policies and performance parameters. Our goal is to reward and sustain achievement with fair& competitive wage policies and high performance standards.

The work grades that form the basis of the wage management system are determined on the basis of the work evaluations. A job evaluation system, independent of titles and individuals, but based on job content is implemented. An international system is used that measures the contribution of all jobs to achieving the objectives of the organization and enables employees to be ranked according to their level of responsibility.
Following the job evaluations, wage policies are determined on the basis of grades. National and international market surveys and wage markets are closely monitored. A competitive and fair wage policy is implemented as a result of these analyzes. Wage policies vary among companies according to their current wage structure, market position, competition and solvency.
In general, our principle is equal pay for equal work through objective and transparent management. We also use an additional wage management system that motivates and rewards our high-performance employees.