As employees of Haznedar Durer,

  • We acknowledge our responsibilities to increase productivity, to develop and protect systems and to fulfill our business requirements in the best way possible; we aim to be successful at every point by using our resources carefully and effectively.
  • We embrace working in self-directed teams and see individual and team performances as added values in achieving best results.
  • We believe that our employees are leaders in their areas of responsibility and that they make the right decisions at the right time; we support them to improve this system.
  • We undertake productive communication with our colleagues as one of our fundamental responsibilities; when communicating with others we know that listening effectively and empathetically will make us successful.
  • We aim to go beyond the conventional system of thinking by analyzing the information we acquire from different sources, by questioning ourselves, our resources and results and by producing alternative solutions; we integrate our creativity into our work.
  • We accept adaptation to global developments as the basis of our business perception; we try to be open to different approaches and go beyond the existing systems and address our prejudices with new approaches.