Haznedar Durer is a global provider of refractories, supplying high-grade basic and acidic bricks, as well as alumina silicate-based monolithics and magnesium oxide products to the iron & steel, cement and petrochemical industries.

The company provides a complete refractory offering from product supply to technical and engineering expertise including supervision and installation for a wide range of customers over five continents.

Haznedar Durer was formed from the merger of Haznedar Refractories and Durer Monolithics. It is owned at 60% by Calderys, a leading global provider for industries operating in high temperature conditions.

Together, Haznedar Durer and Calderys are able to better respond to the ever evolving needs of domestic and international markets through a comprehensive offering, a stable supply chain, high product knowledge, operational excellence, constant quality performance and a worldwide joint sales network.

As a result, the geographic sales coverage is a follows:

Haznedar Durer Refractories acts as the exclusive distributor of Calderys products and Calderys refractory products, steel casting fluxes, and metalcasting products in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and Calderys acts as the exclusive distributor of Haznedar Durer elsewhere.